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Welcome to the Portland Oregon Chapter of Safari Club International

  • Annual Portland SCI Banquet  February, 29th, 2020 at The Monarch Hotel.

 Hey All,  The first of April has been busy for the board. The first Saturday in April Gino Harrison, Todd Burk and myself attended an Oregon and Washington Hunters forum at The Vancouver Hilton. We had guest speakers from Oregon and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Shawn Mahoney talked about conservation and the need to promote hunting in our communities by talking about the fact, wildlife is not full of GMO’s.  An organic source of meat and green. After the day of lectures, connections with other hunting clubs.  Gino and Ona Harrison and my wife Candy and I attended the Southwest Washington Banquet at the Vancouver Hilton. We saw many of our members supporting our neighboring Chapter across the river. I know it was probably a couple dozen including spouses. Shawn Mahoney was the guest speaker at this event also.

            Sunday saw all of us, plus many of our club members at the Portland Chapter quarterly meeting at Doug and Sandy Stromberg’s. We got the tour of Doug’s addition to his trophy room. Had Bill Racine’s grandson  in awe the whole time. I don’t think he has ever seen such a great exhibit of animals, antiques and butterflies.  Then we moved onto the meeting where members were nominated for officer positions.  The position of president can only be one of the previous years officer per our bylaws. Which means, Candy Barnard or Gino Harisson are the only ones that can run for this position. As Candy plans to stay as our treasure. Gino Harrison will be the clubs next President.  I plan to run for Vice President and Todd Burk for the Secretary position. The ballots will be out in May and the results will be counted at the next meeting on Sunday June 12th. Location TBD.

            Our next Big club event is the Youth Hunt June 24th thru June 26th at Four Aces Ranch ( formerly Clover Creek)   or visit their face book page   We look forward to our 3rd year of hunting with Caleb & Shantell Johnson. Please follow the link for the youth hunt. The apps are due back no later than May 15th. We prefer the apps being snail mailed.
Anyone currently in good standing and a member of the Portland Chapter can help us decided who is going on May 18th at the Godfathers Pizza on Barrows at the south end of Murray Blvd. in Beaverton. Lets get the word out to those youth hunters you know.

            Hopefully I’ll see many of you at one of these events in next few Months
Dan Barnard President
Portland Chapter of SCI

2020 Youth Hunt App




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